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Sister south fine foods

Who, What, and Why?


Who & What?

Sister South Fine Foods started life when chef/owner Jessica Hammonds opened a small farm in Seymour, Tennessee in 2009. From the four acres that she called Organicism Farms, Jessica offered one of the earliest Community Supported Agriculture programs in Knoxville, sold Certified Naturally Grown produce at local farmers markets, and offered catering and private chef services focusing on seasonal food.

Today, Sister South Fine Foods aims to educate the community about the ease and beauty of eating locally and seasonally through catering and private chef services, gardening and cooking classes, pop-up restaurants, foraging walks, and menu planning. We want to show you what local food can do. Contact us to start seeing local food in a whole new way.



We are as much farmer as we are chef. We understand the seasons and know when to select food at the height of its potential. The food we create comes from our heart and from our community. We take great pride in partnering with local farmers and growing our own food.

Our grandparents were farmers. They worked the earth and fed their family and friends with what they grew and raised. They ate seasonally, based upon what was fresh and available from either their own lands or those of their neighbors. At Sister South Fine Foods, we aim to follow in their footsteps by creating beautiful, simple food using the finest local, seasonal products grown by ourselves and our local farm partners. We look forward to showing you what local food can do. 


"When I was really young, I used to eat the radishes and kale my grandma grew straight from the dirt in her garden. The tie between farm and table has always been so important to me. Sister South Fine Foods was created to share delicious food and knowledge about its origins with my community. "                                     

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